Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
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Supporting Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Development

      The new energy future is here. Unlocking its potential requires uncovering complex patterns. Which plot is best suited for a wind farm, and what are its potential impacts? What is the most cost effective route to install a new transmission line? GIS is a powerful tool that enables us to break down these inherently spatial relationships to inform the next wave of new energy development.

        We support the migration towards renewables and smarter, more resilient grids through GIS and CADD. Our team uses hydrogeology, terrain features, and more to provide site suitability analysis for wind, solar, and pumped hydro storage. We leverage drones and CADD to get accurate volumetric analysis, identify maintenance needs, and assist with roadway and transmission line development. Our connection to the land connects us all. From remote communities to large scale utilities, let’s work together to usher in this renewable future for Alaska.