Kachemak Geospatial, LLC

Mapping On The Fly

We are a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial consulting firm committed to the success of our clients. Based out of Homer, Alaska we bring over 20 years of combined industry experience providing solutions to those looking to understand the ‘where’ behind their questions. GIS technology is central to unlocking the ‘where’.

As a premier provider of GIS our services include cartography, cadastral mapping, analysis and more. We pride ourselves in working with the client every step of the way to provide tailored solutions and a seamless experience. Although it remains somewhat unnoticed, location underpins some of our most important technologies. Whether it’s effective city planning or complex environmental research, uncovering these locational patterns is what makes us tick.


Geodatabase Management

Spatial data standards development
Geodatabase design and management
Automation of georeferencing and other processes.

Spatial Analysis

Remote sensing and image classification
Regression and time-series analysis, model optimization
Habitat delineation and site suitability mapping

Mapping & Visualization

Custom cartography: static and interactive maps
Geo enabled mobile and web applications
ESRI Story Maps

Drone Services

Orthomosaics and digital elevation models
3D models and point clouds
Imagery processing and enhancement

Computer Aided Design
& Drafting

Cadastral mapping
Coordinate geometry & survey field data reduction
Asbuilt drawings

Enterprise Support

Commercial cloud migration
Enterprise GIS systems architecture design
ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise deployment and technical support


Pumped Storage Hydro

In collaboration with the Alaska Institute for Climate & Energy (ALICE), we’ve been implementing a comprehensive GIS suitability study of pumped storage hydro (PSH) across the state of Alaska. By incorporating hydrologic and terrain features, among several other factors, we’ve been able to identify and model potential sites for on and off railbelt energy storage. Our partnership is providing the initial groundwork needed to identify optimal sites in hopes to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels.

Alaska's Pacific Salmon

Water temperatures are consistently surpassing thermal thresholds for migratory salmon and heat stress was recently confirmed in Chinook salmon migrating in the Yukon River. In partnership with the United States Geological Survey, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Woodwell Climate Research Center, we seek to expand upon this recent finding by considering a more urban watershed in the Kenai Peninsula lowland streams with greater opportunity for additional stressors (e.g. angling and development) and quantifying the link between heat stress presence and spawning success.

Fiber Cable Systems

We’ve been working with Colver Surveying for years to provide CADD and GIS to support fiber optic extensions across the state of Alaska. Our products include pre-survey maps, asbuilts, ROW drawings and more. In addition to urban environments, our close cooperation with the surveyors has allowed us to support extensions in remote and submarine settings. We understand the difficulties of finding reliable WiFi and take pride in our work to support these efforts.

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